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Our Services
  • WATER AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT - Water Supply and installation of water treatment plant, Bottling and package machines, we serve all levels, individual, industries communities and municipalities. We distribute water pumps, chemical dosing pumps, water treatment chemicals and filtration media.
  • WASTE WATER - Procurement and installation of sewage treatment plant, industrial effluent treatment plant, Oil/water separator and evaporator
  • WATER WELL DRILLING - We carry out Geophysical survey to determine availability of aquifer. Drill water well in any geologic formation to produce required yield. Our in depth knowledge of the Geology and practical experience drilling through the highly consolidated Metasedimentary basin of the  Northern Nigeria and the unconsolidated, aquiferous, coastal sand of Benin formation in the Niger Delta is the bases of our success in water well drilling.
  • Our site Geologists and Engineers are also trained in public relation, so itís easy for  them to handle difficult community  issues in the Niger Delta. When  in any community, we establish a symbiotic relationship and so what else but friendship, which result in fast and successful execution of projects.
Oily water is a concern to the environment, it is our business to separate, recover the oil and save the environment.









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