Regarding the Collection and Use of Gameplay Data and Revision to Terms of Service

Greetings from the Holoearth Management Team.

With the next update to be released on December 14th, 2023, five (5) items are being added to Article 4 of the Terms of Service.
Accordingly, after updating the application a dialog box to agree with the updated Terms will appear for users.

The Terms will be updated as follows: 

Article 4

5. The Company may collect and analyze the information listed below to improve the quality of the Services by using a “Backtrace” provided by Backtrace I/O,Inc., and the User agrees to this.The User himself or herself will not be identified through the collection and analysis of such information 

  1. User account information(User ID and Account ID)
  2. Information regarding the software and hardware status, such as the   version of the Software or OS and the name of the User’s device.
  3. Information regarding the usage status of the Software, such as communication and memory status
  4. Information regarding the crush status, such as time of the error and the cause of the error.

 Thank you for your continued support of Holoearth.