New Year’s Kyo-no-Miyako Open from January 1st

New Year’s Kyo-no-Miyako Open from January 1st

Greetings from the Holoearth Management Team!

From January 1st, 2024 (JST) Kyo-no-Miyako is re-opened in Holoearth, featuring a new look for the Japanese New Year’s holiday (“shougatsu”)!
Enjoy the first visit of the year to the shrine area inspired by locations depicted in the web manga, Yamato Phantasia!

Open Period
January 1st, 2024 at 0:00 (JST) until January 16th, 2024 at 16:00 (JST)
*Schedule may be subject to change.

About the Event Area


The event area used for Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ has been decorated in Japanese New Year’s day fashion with “kadomatsu” and “shimenawa,” and opened once more to the public.
Enjoy visiting the shrine to pay respects, as well as using the new photo mode to take pictures with the foxes and wolves around the area!

Ookami Shrine Special Omikuji

Visitors can try their luck by pulling special omikuji fortunes once per day.
Fortunes will reset each day at midnight JST.

Chouchin & Tourou Lanterns Shop

Visitors can enter messages on chouchin or tourou style lanterns and place them in their favorite area of Kyo-no-Miyako.
During the open period players will receive one free lantern, so give it a try.
*This time around the “To the Top! Tower of Achievement” minigame and Uwa-san’s Quest will not be available.

Additionally, on January 1st from 13:00 (JST), AyaFubuMi: Iroha ni Holiday Hark Back “Folklore Friends Under the Kotatsu” will be streamed in the Holoearth theater area, so please come and watch!

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