About the Next Holoearth Update (Ver. 0.7.0)

About the Next Holoearth Update (Ver. 0.7.0)

Greetings from the Holoearth Management Team!

This time around we would like to reveal some of what is in the upcoming ver. 0.7.0 update planned for late April.

“Alternative City v1” Unveiling

The ver. 0.7.0 update will open “Alternative City v1,” which has seen progress in its construction.
In v1 of the city area it will be possible for players to purchase clothing items for their avatar at the “Fashion Shop” or change their avatar’s physical appearance and hairstyle at the “Beauty Center,” which are two new facilities. 

Alternative City is anticipated to be the cultural center of Holoearth, and in the future we plan to add more and more facilities and features to the area.

Fashion Shop

The “Fashion Shop” on the city’s main avenue is scheduled to open for the update.
At this shop it will be possible for players to try on and purchase a variety of clothing and accessories for their avatars.
As part of the first product lineup of various items, Holoearth’s own original brand, “ALTERMODE,” will be made available.

▲An avatar styling in some of the new fashion items that are planned

Beauty Center

The “Beauty Center” located behind the city’s central building will also open for this update.
This facility includes both a styling salon and a clinic.

In the styling salon, players will be able to further customize the hairstyle and hair color of their avatars.
Unique to the salon, players can customize the bangs, middle, and back portions of their avatars’ hair as well for more customizability.

And in the clinic, players will be able to change other aspects of their avatar such as body type and build.

▲In-development depiction of the “avatar create” screen

We will announce more about the new content and avatar features in the near future, so please follow the official Holoearth X account @Holoearth_EN for the latest news and updates!
*The contents of this planned update is subject to change