Ver. 0.7.0 Update Details

Ver. 0.7.0 Update Details
*Updated on May 22nd
・Ver. 0.7 celebration HoloCoin present campaign details added

Ver. 0.7.0 Celebration Campaign
Alternative City v1
Avatar Items
About Shop Inventory
Styling Salon
“Holoearth Official Character Stickers Vol. 1” Gift
Update to Gestures
Holoearth Official YouTube Channel


Greetings from the Holoearth Management Team!

The ver. 0.7.0 update will be released on Thursday, May 16th!
This version will release “Alternative City v1,” which has seen progress in its construction.
Continue reading for details about the update.

Scheduled Maintenance Date & Time

May 16th (Thur) from 12:00 – 18:00 (JST)
*Schedule is subject to change

Ver 0.7 Celebration HoloCoin Present Campaign (May 23rd)

To commemorate the ver. 0.7 update release, we are giving players 100 HoloCoins each week, for a total of 300 HoloCoins, during the campaign period.
Each week when players log in during the campaign period they can receive 100 HoloCoins one time from the gift box menu.

Campaign schedule

First present
From 15:00 (JST) on Thur. May 23rd, 2024 until 23:59 (JST) on Wed. May 29th, 2024

Second present
From 0:00 (JST) on Thur. May 30th, 2024 until 23:59 (JST) on Wed. June 5th, 2024

Third present
From 0:00 (JST) on Thur. June 6th, 2024 until 23:59 (JST) on Wed. June 12th, 2024

*Each week each player can collect the HoloCoin gift only once regardless of the number of logins.

Alternative City v1

Alternative City v1, which has seen progress in its construction, will be opened as of ver. 0.7.0.
Avatar clothing and accessories can be purchased at “ALTERMODE,” and avatar build, hair, and other features can be customized at “ALT BEAUTYS.”

Alternative City will be further developed as the cultural center of Holoearth with the addition of more facilities and features in the future.


The fashion shop “ALTERMODE” will open on the main avenue.
A range of avatar clothing and accessories will be available to try on and purchase.

Avatar Items

An initial lineup of 72 new clothing items will be introduced for avatars.
Enjoy putting together outfits perfect for outings on the town unique to your own taste and style!

About Shop Inventory

Avatar items for sale will have limited stock.
The stock status for each item will change as follows based on the quantity remaining:

・80% or more → Stock status: packed
・Between 30% and 80% → Stock status: sufficient
・Between 10% and 30% → Stock status: limited
・Less than 10% → Stock status: almost gone
・0 stock → SOLD OUT

Sold out items may be restocked.

Please note that multiples of the same item can be purchased more than once.
In the future we are considering adding features that will offer more uses for avatar items, such as housing decoration or or trade. But as of this update, players will only be able to equip one of the same avatar item at a time, regardless of how many are held.

In addition, later we are planning to assign lot numbers and serial numbers to purchased avatar items.
Lot numbers become sold out when inventory is added and are updated when item inventory stock is replenished. Stock added at the same time will share the same lot number.
The lower the value of the lot number, the earlier the lot was sold after being added.

Serial numbers are assigned by item type and are in the order of which items are purchased from the shop.
The serial number increases as the item is purchased by players at the fashion shop; the serial number will also increment if the same player makes repeat purchases of the item.
So, the lower the number, the earlier the item was sold at the shop.

We will announce the relevant details along the update for this feature.
*As the lot number and serial number feature is under development, the implemented version may differ in some ways from what is explained here.


ALT BEAUTYS will open behind the main central building of the city.
ALT BEAUTYS has both a styling salon and a clinic.
Avatars can be customized or rebuilt at these facilities.

*Customizing avatars will require “ALT BEAUTYS Points” and “RebuildCores” that are part of the ver. 0.7.0 update.

Styling Salon

At ALT STYLE players can exchange ALT BEAUTYS Points to edit their avatar’s eyes, makeup, hair, and other face features.
Additionally, at ALT STYLE specifically the bangs, sides, and back of the avatar’s hairstyle will be separately customizable.


At ALT CLINIC players can exchange ALT BEAUTYS Points to customize their avatar’s body and other features.
Additionally, players can exchange RebuildCores to completely remake their avatar including all of its options.


From this version “ALT BEAUTYS Points” will be introduced as a new item used for avatar customization.
As an opening campaign the staff NPCs at ALT BEAUTYS will be giving points to players up to the 20,000 points limit once per day.

Campaign Start:
From the ver. 0.7.0 update on May 16th (Thur), 2024
*The campaign end date will be announced later.


From this version “RebuildCores” will be introduced as a new item for remaking player avatars.
Upon logging in after the update players will be given two cores.
In addition, players can receive a RebuildCore from the staff NPCs at ALT BEAUTYS each day.
Players can hold up to two regular RebuildCores at a time.
*RebuildCores will also be purchasable with HoloCoins.

Campaign Start:
From the ver. 0.7.0 update on May 16th (Thur), 2024
*The campaign end date will be announced later.

Holoearth Official Character Stickers Vol. 1 Gift

To celebrate the ver. 0.7.0 update release, 10 new chat stickers will be given to players!
After logging in, players will be able to use these stickers.


After the ver. 0.7.0 update on May 16th (Thur), 2024

Update to Gestures

As of ver. 0.7.0 avatar gestures will be updated as follows:

・Sit (seiza)
・Greet (cool)
・Greet (lively)
・Greet (cute)

*With this update, some of the gestures available as of ver. 0.6.0 will no longer be available. The gestures being removed will have adjustments made to their animations and we are looking into adding them back at a later update. Please wait for more information.
*Please note the UI names for gestures will still be in Japanese for ver. 0.7.0 and the above English names may be subject to change.

Holoearth Official YouTube Channel

Holoearth is starting its own YouTube channel, where news and information related to Holoearth will be uploaded.
Please consider subscribing!

The video shown at hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 can be watched below!


・The chat window size can be changed.
・Sales of the Yozora Mel chat sticker will be discontinued.
・The “hololive EXPO 2024 Shirt (Blue)” will expire and be removed from players’ inventories.
・In anticipation of new modes of transportation planned for the future, players will no longer be able to sprint outside of the Simulation Room.
・The idle motion for the player avatar can be changed in the avatar outfit menu.