The Next Steps for Holoearth (Apr 2023 edition)

The Next Steps for Holoearth (Apr 2023 edition)

Greetings from the Holoearth Project Team!

At the time of writing, almost 200,000 people have participated since we released the Holoearth Lobby Beta in November 2022.

Thanks to your participation, we have made headway in testing the beta version of Holoearth. We appreciate everyone who has participated up to this point!

This time around we would like to talk about the current status of Holoearth development, as well as the current roadmap for the project.


Alternative Booth Held as a Virtual Exhibition Venue During hololive SUPER EXPO

A virtual exhibition venue, the hololive Alternative booth was opened for the hololive SUPER EXPO 2023 event held at Makuhari Messe during March 18th – 19th, and was open to the public until April 13th.

The virtual venue received even more visitors than the main live event, which itself was well received. Thank you to everyone who came to either the live event or the virtual venue!

In addition, we introduced the ability to purchase event-related merchandise in the virtual space on a trial basis, which was well-received. The success of this first virtual exhibition helped demonstrate the potential of the Holoearth project.

Moving forward we plan on continuing to improve the functionality of Holoearth and hold a number of virtual events.


In-game Purchases Officially Implemented

With a view to future live events, we added in-game purchases to the lobby, as well as an in-game currency, Holocoins, which can be exchanged for items including Stickers and Poppers that were temporarily introduced before for testing purposes. 

▼Check here for more details

We have many plans for adding more items that can be used during live events in the future, so please look forward to future updates! 


HoloCoin Gift

As special thanks, those who login during the Holoearth Lobby Beta period will be gifted 250 HoloCoins. Please confirm by checking your Gift Box in Holoearth.


“ProtoLive Replay” Event

In May we are planning to have a re-showing of the ProtoLive event that was held in the Holoearth lobby on December 26th, 2022. This will be a replay of the virtual stage portion of the event held late last year.

Our aim with this replay is to further strengthen our network so that more fans can enjoy the live event experience in Holoearth.

We hope you look forward to the Holoearth ProtoLive experience!


Future Live Events

Following the ProtoLive Replay event, we are organizing a second ProtoLive event that will take place during the summer, which will also serve as a test for newly implemented mechanics.

For the summer event, we are also adding a special area for participants to enjoy even outside of the main live show time. We will announce more details soon, so please look forward to it.


Sandbox Game & Avatar Creation System Updates

We also have a few updates about the Holoearth sandbox game and avatar creation system that are also being developed.

Sandbox Game

Currently we are focused on:
・Improving the 3D style of the play area
・Brushing up combat mechanics
・Balancing the main game cycle

In-game combat concept

A new episode of Holoearth TV on YouTube showing more gameplay footage in collaboration with hololive talents is also in the works.

Previous Holoearth TV Episodes (Japanese)

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Avatar Creation System

The avatar creation system is nearing completion of its prototyping phase, and we are looking to increase the number of options for avatar skins and costumes.

We are planning to release a public beta of the avatar system around fall of this year for players to test a simple version of the customization options.

Please look out for more details about the avatar creation system that we plan to release soon.

Sample images of avatar skins

That concludes our update of the current status of Holoearth. We have been busy adding more team members to the project and making strides in development of the virtual event / communication lobby, sandbox game, and avatar creation system.

We will keep working hard toward a potential full release in 2024. Thank you for your continued support!


We are recruiting new members for the Holoearth Project.(Japanese)