Communication Lobby Verification Test Launch

Communication Lobby Verification Test Launch

About the Metaverse Project Holoearth

This project envisions a metaverse of virtual content possibilities, all set in the alternate universe of Holoearth.

About the Verification Test

For this test we will use the prototype version of the communication lobby – the portal into Holoearth – to test and verify both the current functionality and server loads.

Since the main purpose of this test is verifying server loads, the in-app functions and visuals do not necessarily reflect those of the final planned release version.

In this test version of the communication lobby, participants are able to control a test avatar, move around the lobby, and communicate with other participants using emotes and text chat.

The results of this test will be used for continued development for future in-app functions and events held in the Lobby.

Verification Test Period

The test will run from March 14th, 2022, until March 25th, 2022.

How to Launch Holoearth

  1. Download the zip file from the test version download button at the top of this page.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file and double-click the HoloearthSetup.exe file.

  3. By clicking the “Login / New Account” button, your web browser will open the Holoearth account registration site.
  4. After completing user registration, you will be prompted to close your browser, so you can close the browser and return to the Holoearth app. 

Minimum System Requirements

* These requirements may change with future updates. We cannot guarantee performance on the same hardware after updates.


Windows 10 64-bit or better


Intel® Core™ i5 (4th generation or better) or equivalent specs




NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030


  • During the testing period, there may be unexpected bugs or incidents that require emergency maintenance.
  • Holoearth accounts created for this test are test accounts, so please note there is a possibility they may not be available for use in future updates.


This testing period has ended.

  • Please confirm the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before creating an account and participating in the verification test.
  • Please send inquiries during the verification test via the contact form below.
    We cannot guarantee you will receive a reply to contact form inquiries.
  • For individuals for the verification test: On the condition that individuals comply with the Holoearth Terms and the Company’s Derivative Works Guidelines, the Company shall not assert any copyright infringement claims against Users that perform “Live Game Streaming” of the Services on YouTube, niconico, Twitch, TwitCasting and any other so-called video streaming services, regardless of whether so-called monetization features are turned “on” or not (refers to monetization systems that are built into video streaming services, such as the “YouTube Partner Program” that includes Super Chat functions, niconico’s “Creator Incentive Program” and other similar programs).
    Please note that the foregoing does not apply to individuals that belong to corporate entities or organizations. If you are streaming on behalf of a corporate entity or organization, please contact us is you wish to perform “Live Game Streaming.”
  • Please follow the official Twitter account @Holoearth_EN for news and updates about Holoearth!


Regarding the Updated App Version

We have ended the public release of this update version.