Announcing Details about the Holoearth Lobby Beta

Announcing Details about the Holoearth Lobby Beta

What is the Metaverse Project Holoearth?

This project envisions a metaverse of virtual content possibilities, all set in the alternate universe of Holoearth.


About “Holoearth Lobby Beta version”

We greatly appreciate everyone who participated in the verification test we conducted in March. We have decided to officially release the beta version of the communication lobby, which acts as the portal into Holoearth, on November 24th.

Official Release Date and Time

Thursday, November 24th at 4 pm JST
The date and time as of this announcement is subject to change

In the Lobby players can freely use and move around with test versions of their avatars, engage in the chat and use emoji, and communicate with other players.

Further details and instructions on how to participate will be announced on the Holoearth official Twitter account on November 24th.

Notifications in Advance

  • The Holoearth Lobby Beta will only be available for PC (Windows)
  • The Holoearth Lobby Beta Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have been released
  • We may perform emergency maintenance due to unexpected bugs or issues
  • Please note there may be stability issues during the beta testing period
  • The Holoearth Lobby Beta download page will be posted on November 24th 

Minimum System Requirements


Windows 10 64-bit or better


Intel® Core™ i5 (4th generation or better) or equivalent specs




NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030

* These requirements may change with future updates. We cannot guarantee performance on the same hardware after updates.

Please follow our official Twitter account @Holoearth_EN for the latest news and updates related to Holoearth!