October 22nd Event: Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ Replay

October 22nd Event: Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ Replay

*October 10th update:
・Added info about official merchandise


About the Event Area
Event Date & Time
Performing Talents
How to Attend
Digital Event Tickets
For Those Who Purchased July 15th Event Tickets
Commemorative Merchandise
Notification in Advance

Greetings from the Holoearth Management Team!

The replay of Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ will be held on Sunday, October 22nd at 17:00 (JST) in Holoearth.
The event area Kyo-no-Miyako will be re-opened on Thursday, October 19th (JST) and will remain open until Tuesday, October 24th (JST), so please come and enjoy the activities!

The replay event, including the MC part, will be the same as the performance held in July, so some of the replayed and streamed content will contain old information. However, the latest status of some items, such as lanterns and end credits, will be reflected.

This replay is free to watch in Holoearth.
However, it will also be available for purchase as a watchalong livestream with the performing talents on Streaming+/SPWN.

Whether you participated previously or plan to participate for the first time, we hope you will join us in Holoearth.

About the Event Area

During October 19th – October 24th, the Kyo-no-Miyako event area, which envisions the world of Yamato as seen in the hololive Alternative web manga, Yamato Phantasia, will be open in Holoearth.
In Kyo-no-Miyako, we have prepared a ton of content for fans to enjoy each day while the event area is open, including minigames that can played as the Pyramid-kun avatar and quests that reward in-game items. 
* Daily rewards such as for the Tower of Achievement will be updated at 04:00 (JST) the following day.
* The Specially-made Ookami Shrine Omikuji will be updated at 00:00 the following day.
* Fox Informant Uwa-san will offer a total of seven quests in a row, starting from the opening day.
* Those who already completed Uwa-san’s quests or obtained the Tower of Achievement rewards during the original event will not be able to receive the rewards a second time. 

Event Date & Time

Event Area Open Thursday, October 19th at 14:00 (JST) – Tuesday, October 24th, 2023 at 15:59 (JST)
Concert start Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 at 17:00 (JST)

* The event start time may change if necessary.

Performing Talents

Shirakami Fubuki (@shirakamifubuki)
Sakura Miko (@sakuramiko35)
Nakiri Ayame (@nakiriayame)
Ookami Mio (@ookamimio)

How to Attend

The event can be viewed for free by downloading and installing the Holoearth Lobby Beta.

* Only available for PC (Windows).
* As the application is in beta, we cannot guarantee problem-free performance.

Digital Event Tickets

(Overseas) Streaming+ JPY 2,420 (tax in) Purchase here
SPWN JPY 2,200 (tax in) Purchase here
Purchase period ▷ until Sun, Oct. 29th 22:00 (JST) 
Stream start ▷ Sunday, Oct. 22 @ 16:45 (JST)

A streamed watchalong with the performing talents (Shirakami Fubuki/Sakura Miko/Nakiri Ayame/Ookami Mio) will be held on Streaming+ and SPWN.
For this streaming broadcast, the talents will log in to Holoearth and watch the performance as part of the audience.

However, those who already purchased a digital event ticket for the original Yamato Phantasia event will be able to watch the stream at no extra charge.
The process is slightly different depending on platform, so be sure to check here.
*Note: a ticket purchase is NOT required for those eligible for free viewing. Please be careful not to purchase another ticket if you already purchased one for the original event.

* The video archive will be available for viewing as soon as it is ready after the end of the performance, and it can be viewed any number of times until Sunday, October 29th, 2023 at 23:59 (JST).
* After 23:59 (JST) on Sunday, October 29th, 2023, the event will no longer be available for viewing even via archive. 
* Extra fees will be charged on each platform in addition to the ticket price at the time of payment, so please confirm on the purchase screen.
* Talents scheduled for the watchalong may not be able to participate in the event of physical illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

For Those Who Purchased July 15th Event Tickets

Those who already purchased digital event tickets on either platform for the original Yamato Phantasia event on July 15th can enjoy the watchalong at no extra charge.
In this case, please note the differences per platform as below: 
*Note: a ticket purchase is NOT required for those eligible for free viewing. Please be careful not to purchase another ticket if you already purchased one for the original event.

Overseas accounts that already purchased a ticket for the July 15th event will automatically be able to view the watchalong stream via the original July 15th event URL provided by the platform. Please check your email notifications from Streaming+ to confirm.

Accounts that already purchased a ticket for the July 15th event will automatically be given the ability to view the stream.
The stream will be available via “LIVE STREAMING” on this page

How to confirm:
1) Log in to the account you used to purchase a ticket for the July Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ event.
2) Access Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ Replay via the link below.
3) Check whether “STREAMING TICKET” near the top of the page is marked as “Purchased” (see below).

Commemorative Merchandise

Yamato Phantasia Commemorative Merchandise will be available as stated below starting from Thursday, October 19th at 12:00 (JST)
*This merchandise is ready-made

Available items:
・Acrylic Panel (A5-size)
・Poster (B2-size)
・Random Acrylic Keychain (4 types) (comes with a Redemption Code Slip for a Holoearth Chat Sticker)
・Desktop Folding Screen

Notification in Advance

  • This replay event is a free performance meant to test the functionality of the Holoearth systems and the capacity of the servers. As such, please be aware that if the performance is canceled or ends early due to technical difficulties, we cannot guarantee that the performance will be held again.
  • The assets involved in this event will consume a large amount of data, and internet connectivity issues may disrupt your experience of the performance. Therefore, we recommend you enjoy the event using a stable internet connection, such as a wired connection.
  • Users are permitted to share screenshots of this event, as well as video recordings without sound of up to 30 seconds, on social media and image and video sharing websites. However, usage of video footage from this event for commercial purposes (such as charging a fee to view the footage) is prohibited. Furthermore, we reserve the right to issue takedown requests for any shared event content deemed to contain inappropriate content. These rules apply to this event specifically, and may not apply to future concerts and events.
  • Accounts found to be engaging in spam, harassment, or other activities deemed disruptive by our staff may be subject to bans or forcibly removed from the event.
  • Any technical issues that occur before or during this event will be announced via system messages in the in-game chat, as well as on the Holoearth official X (formerly Twitter) account and Holoearth official website.

Please follow the official Holoearth X (formerly Twitter) account @Holoearth_EN for the latest news and updates!