Ver. 0.8 Update Notice

Ver. 0.8 Update Notice

This is the Holoearth Management Team.

We performed an update to Holoearth on June 17th, 2024.

Update Contents

“Simulation Room” Update

■Area Expansion
The size of the Simulation Room area was expanded.

■Day/Night Cycle Implemented

■Combat Mechanics and Monsters Added
Monsters were added to the Simulation Room, which players can battle against.
Defeated monsters will drop food and other items.

■Hunger and Thirst Mechanic Added
Players’ food and water status will deplete over time, which can be replenished by consuming food items.
When players become hungry or thirsty they will experience negative effects such as slower stamina recovery.

■Thrown Items Added
Players will be able to throw a variety of items.

■”Observation” System Added
By cutting trees, breaking rocks, gathering resources, and battling monsters, pathfinders will acquire “Observation Data.” This data is exchanged at the “ProtectCube” in the middle of the area.
In addition, by placing “Observation Beacons” pathfinders can expand the observation area and increase the amount of data they acquire.

■Avatar Leveling Mechanic Added
Pathfinders will level up in the Simulation Room, allowing them to craft more new items.
Recipes can be unlocked by exchanging recipe points gained from leveling.

■Avatar Outfits in Simulation Room Implemented
It will now be possible for players to wear the avatar clothing items they purchase in the Simulation Room.
Outfits are only aesthetic and will not affect players’ status.

■Over 200 New Items Added (Equipment, Furniture, Building Materials, etc.)
Over 200 new items including equipment, furniture, structures, and new building materials such as stone and iron will be added.
Enjoy building whatever you want with these new items and materials.

■Carrying Capacity Mechanic Added
Weight has been added to items.
As players carry more weight and become overburdened, they will experience negative effects such as not being able to run or jump and having their movement speed slowed.

■A number of Other Features and Adjustments Implemented

New Avatar Items Added

The ALTERMODE fashion shop in Alternative City will now have an additional 36 avatar outfit items.
The new lineup includes accessories such as earrings, elegant new shirts, and classic skirts.

New Avatar Customization Options Added

Some new avatar customizations were added to ALT BEAUTYS, such as pigtails, half ponytails, and new eyes/eyebrows.

Please see more details in this article.