Ver 0.4 Update Notice

Ver 0.4 Update Notice

This is the Holoearth Management Team.

Various updates were implemented in Holoearth.

Update Details

New additions

*As of Ver 0.4 the following have been added

1. Serial code input implemented

The ability to enter serial/redemption codes in Holoearth was implemented, which can be accessed by selecting “Serial Code” from the main menu.

Here, serial codes from the Redemption Code Slip received via the purchase of Random Acrylic Keychains from the official store can be entered and exchanged for a Yamato Phantasia Celebration Sticker.
*Please note at this time Sticker options are in Japanese, so exercise caution when selecting a Sticker.

2. Language settings updated

The ability to change parts of the Holoearth UI to English was implemented. Please note that this is currently limited to parts of the UI and does not include the contents of the Yamato Phantasia event area.

We plan to expand the scope of English support in future updates.

New items

*After the Kyo-no-Miyako event area opens, new event-related items for Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ will be added so fans can enjoy the show even more.

List of items:
Holo Light Blade (Yamato)
Light Stick

Kyo-no-Miyako event area opens on July 8, 2023

On Saturday, July 8, 2023, at 14:00 (JST), we will open an event area in Holoearth based Kyo-no-Miyako, which appears in the web manga Yamato Phantasia that is serialized in hololive Alternative.
*Opening time subject to change.

In Kyo-no-Miyako a variety of activities, including minigames and quests that award in-game items, have been prepared that can be played every day during the event period except for the day of the concert on July 15th.

Please check here for event details.