“hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 Special Theater Area” to Open on March 15th

“hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 Special Theater Area” to Open on March 15th

Greetings from the Holoearth Management Team!

To commemorate Holoearth’s exhibition at “hololive SUPER EXPO 2024” we will be releasing a time-limited Special Theater area in Holoearth!
In this area, players can watch official EXPO 2024 Stage programming that will be streamed from the official hololive channel during March 16th-17th.  

After maintenance ends on March 13th, virtual versions of the hololive EXPO 2024 Shirts worn by talents in the event’s key visual will be available for players to wear with their avatars.
In addition, in the sandbox Simulation Room players will be able to decorate their houses with virtual Key Visual Acrylic Panel and Holoearth Rug items.

Scheduled Maintenance Date & Time

Wed. March 13th, 12:00 – 17:00 (JST)
*Maintenance time is subject to change

Theater Area Open Duration

Fri. March 15th, 2024 at 16:00 (JST) – Mon. March 25th at 16:00 (JST)
*Schedule subject to change

EXPO 2024 Special Theater

Official hololive streaming content from the official hololive YouTube channel will be broadcast to the screen in the middle of the theater area during hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 from March 16th to March 17th.

hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 Stage Page:
DAY 1:
DAY 2:

Warnings in advance:
*The theater area streaming feature is in its testing stages, so we cannot guarantee an problem-free viewing experience
*Please note that due to IP rights certain portions of the streams will not be shown in Holoearth
*Posting or streaming content of the theater area to SNS and video sharing sites is allowed. However, please refrain from posting content showing only the theater area screen for extended periods of time.

EXPO 2024 Day 1 Stream Schedule:EXPO 2024 Day 2 Stream Schedule: 

“hololive EXPO 2024 Shirt” Avatar Item

After maintenance ends, “hololive EXPO 2024 Shirt, Blue” will be available as a time-limited free avatar clothing item. This item will be available for use until the next update in spring.
To equip the item, access the shortcuts menu (H key) and select “Change Outfit,” where “hololive EXPO 2024 Shirt (Blue)” can be found among the clothing options.
We will announce when the item is released and for how long it will be available at a later date.
*The shirt item availability schedule is subject to change

Housing Items 

Following maintenance, in the Simulation Room a virtual version of the HOLOEARTH Key Visual Acrylic Panel to be sold for hololive SUPER EXPO 2024, as well as a Holoearth Rug designed after the Holoearth logo, will be available as free housing decoration items for a limited time.

These items will be provided in the treasure chests found in the Simulation Room.
These items will be available until the next planned spring update.
*Schedule is subject to change

“hololive SUPER EXPO 2024” Exhibition

A Holoearth booth will be exhibited at “hololive SUPER EXPO 2024,” which takes place in Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 4-8 on March 16th & 17th. The booth is designed after the completed “Alternative City” in anticipation of future updates, and it will show a new Holoearth intro and other programming.

See hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 info here:

“hololive SUPER EXPO 2024” Commemorative Merchandise

For hololive SUPER EXPO 2024 an acrylic panel stand depicting the Holoearth key visual, as well as t-shirts designed after those that can be equipped on Holoearth avatars will be available for sale.

EXPO Merch Details:

Merch List:
HOLOEARTH Key Visual Acrylic Panel