Extension of the Lobby Verification Test Period

Extension of the Lobby Verification Test Period

About the Lobby Verification Test Being Conducted since March 14th 

We greatly appreciate the participation and feedback we have been receiving from so many during the communication lobby verification test period that started on March 14th.

We will share everyone’s bug reports, feedback, server load verification results, etc. with the development team to help in continued development.

Testing Period Extension and Update Overview

As a small thank-you to everyone who participated in the current test, we will reproduce the hololive Alternative exhibition booth that was open during the hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 event held at MakuHari Messe during March 19th – 20th inside the Holoearth Lobby.

We have also added the ability to hide the UI and change the color of the Pyramid-kun avatar, as requested by test participants.

F1 key: Hide UI
F2 key: Change avatar color

About the Testing Period Extension

The event was extended from March 25th until April 6th.

How to Join

Information on the test and how to participate can be found in the previous article posted on March 14th.

Regarding the Updated App Version

We have ended the public release of the current update version.