Protolive Reply Event to be Held on May 25th

Protolive Reply Event to be Held on May 25th

Greetings from the Holoearth Project Team!

On May 25th, 2023, we will be replaying the mini-live event, Protolive, that was held on December 12th, 2022.

The aim of this second airing is to further test and strengthen our server network so that more people can enjoy live events in Holoearth.

We invite both those who participated in the first Protolive and newcomers alike to come and enjoy this Protolive Replay event! 

Event Date and Time

May 25th, 2023 at 9:00 pm JST



Mori Calliope (@moricalliope)


About “Protolive Replay”

Protolive Replay is a free-of-charge re-showing of last year’s Protolive event that will be held in order to test system operability and server loads. As this event is primarily for testing purposes, it will last approximately 20 minutes. Please join us!

For those who are interested, you can watch the archived Protolive event via the link below:

How to Participate

Anyone can join for free by installing the Holoearath Lobby Beta application on the Download page.

*Only available for PC (Windows)
*Due this being a beta version, please expect potential stability issues

Minimum System Requirements


Windows 10 64-bit or better


Intel® Core™ i5 (4th generation or better) or equivalent specs




NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030

Notification in Advance

  • The scheduled Protolive Replay is a free performance for the purpose of testing Holoearth’s system operability and server load, so in the event of temporary service interruptions or shutdowns we cannot guarantee an event restart.
  • The event will be relatively network intensive, and so there is a possibility that the performance may be disrupted depending on your internet connection. We recommend using a stable internet environment, such as a wired connection if possible.
  • Since this is a virtual event each user will see the performance from a different vantage point, so we allow and encourage users to post videos and screenshots on media sharing sites, SNS, etc. However, please note if it is determined that inappropriate content is included in the posted or distributed content, we may take steps to have it deleted. Since this rule is specific to this performance, the same may or may not apply to future live events.
  • Please note the Project Team may suspend accounts or eject participants from the event space who impede the event experience for others via trolling, abusive language, or other disruptive behavior.
  • Any issues we experience before or during the event will be announced via the Holoearth chat function and the official Holoearth website and Twitter page.
  • During this performance, for testing purposes please note that some graphics settings will not be changeable.

Please follow the official Twitter account @Holoearth_EN for news and updates about Holoearth!