Ver 0.5 Update Notice

Ver 0.5 Update Notice

This is the Holoearth Management Team.
Holoearth was updated on December 14th, 2023.

Update Details

Sandbox Feature

A portion of the sandbox game feature that is under development was released as a time-limited playtest version.
*The playtest period will be announced at a later date.

Avatar Creation Feature

A test version of the avatar creation feature was released.
Players can move around in Holoearth as their customized avatars.

Changes to Entrance Area

The player guide NPC, “Mithra,” has now awoken in the entrance area.

Video Streaming Feature

A video streaming feature was added.
In the theater area players can enjoy watching streamed content with each other up until January 4, 2024 (JST), including special New Year’s hololive programming such as holo Out, holo In 2023▷2024 and AyaFubuMii: Iroha ni Holiday Hark Back “Folklore Friends Under the Kotatsu.”
See here for the streaming schedule.

Alternative City Area

The “Alternative City” area was added.
Currently this area will be under construction and will not contain playable features. Following the update, the city will be further developed.

Photo Mode

Photo mode was added.
In photo mode players can zoom, change the camera position, and have avatars look directly at the camera to take screenshots in-game.
Screenshots taken with photo mode are saved in the Windows “Pictures” folder: Pictures\Holoearth\Screenshots.


Gestures were added.
Players will be able to perform a variety of gestures and dances with their avatars to better express themselves in-game.
More gestures are planned for the future.

Update to Menu Options

Graphics Settings
・”Cast shadows” and “Motion blur” settings were added.
Sound Settings
・”System” and “Voice” volume settings were added.
・”Sound effects” volume setting was deleted.
Controls Settings
・”Controls” section added to settings.
・”Mouse sensitivity,” “Invert mouse,” and “Auto sprint” settings were added.
Effects Settings
・”Camera shake” setting was added.


See the details for the sandbox game, avatar creation, and other features below.