Ver. 0.7 Update Notice

Ver. 0.7 Update Notice

This is the Holoearth Management Team.

We performed an update to Holoearth on May 16th, 2024.

Update Contents

Update to Alternative City Area

Alternative City v1, which has seen progress in its construction, is open as of ver. 0.7.0.
Avatar clothing and accessories can be purchased at “ALTERMODE,” and avatar build, hair, and other features can be customized at “ALT BEAUTYS.”

Alternative City will be further developed as the cultural center of Holoearth with the addition of more facilities and features in the future.

Addition of Avatar Items

72 clothing and accessory items for avatars have been added.
Players can try on or purchase these at the ALTERMODE shop in Alternative City v1.

Avatar items for sale will have limited stock.
The stock status for each item will change as follows based on the quantity remaining:
・80% or more → Stock status: Packed
・Over 30% to under 80% → Stock status: sufficient
・Over 10% to under 30% → Stock status: limited
・Less than 10% → Stock status: almost gone
・0 stock → SOLD OUT
Sold out items may be restocked.

Update to Avatar Customization

Various customization options for the avatar system were updated:
・New hairstyles
・Ability to change hairstyle by part (bangs, sides, back)*
・New colors for various avatar parts:
・Eye shadow
・Hair (base, gradation, accent)

* The hair customization by part is available at ALT BEAUTYS in Alternative City v1

Addition of ALT BEAUTYS Points

From this version “ALT BEAUTYS Points” are introduced as a new item used for avatar customization.
As an opening campaign the staff NPCs at ALT BEAUTYS will be giving points to players to the amount of up to 20,000 points once per day.

Campaign Start
From the ver. 0.7.0 update on May 16th (Thur), 2024
*The campaign end date will be announced later.

Addition of RebuildCores

From this version “RebuildCores” are introduced as a new item for remaking player avatars.
Upon logging in after the update players will be given two cores.
In addition, the staff NPCs at ALT BEAUTYS will give up to two regular RebuildCores each day to players.
*RebuildCores will also be purchasable with HoloCoins.

Campaign Start
From the ver. 0.7.0 update on May 16th (Thur), 2024
*The campaign end date will be announced later.

Free Addition of “Holoearth Official Character Stickers Vol.1”

To celebrate the ver. 0.7.0 update release, 10 new chat stickers will be given to players!
After logging in, players will be able to use these stickers.

Disbursement Time
After the ver. 0.7.0 update on May 16th (Thur), 2024.

Update to Gestures

As of ver. 0.7.0 avatar gestures will be updated as follows:
・Sit (seiza)
・Greet (cool)
・Greet (lively)
・Greet (cute)

*With this update, some of the gestures available as of ver. 0.6.0 will no longer be available. The gestures being removed will have adjustments made to their animations and we are looking into adding them back at a later update. Thank you for your understanding.
*Please note the UI names for gestures will still be in Japanese only for ver. 0.7.0 and the above English names are for reference and subject to change.

Update to Chat Window

The chat window size can now be changed.
Press Enter to bring up the chat window and from the gear icon select “Large window” or “Small window.”

Other Updates

・The Yozora Mel chat sticker sales are discontinued.
・The “hololive EXPO 2024 Shirt (Blue)” expired was removed from player inventories.
・In anticipation of new modes of transportation planned for the future, players can no longer sprint outside of the Simulation Room.
・The idle motion for the player avatar can be changed in the outfit menu.